Harry Anastaselos is Grivalia’s Head of Legal.Service and was promoted to Director in March 2016. He is responsible for and oversees all legal and judicial affairs of Grivalia Properties and of its subsidiaries. Among others, he provides legal support on the management of the existing portfolio, on new investments, on financing, on corporate governance issues as well as on identifying and assessing legal risks that may affect the due implementation of the Company’s enterprise planning.

At the same time, he serves as Secretary to the Board of Directors and to the General Meeting of the Shareholders.

He has been a lawyer since 2003. Before joining the Company in February 2010, he practiced law mainly in the fields of civil and commercial law. In the past, he served as a substitute member to the B.o.D. of the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage of Ioannina.

Harry holds a BSc in Law from Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki and two Master of Laws (LLM) degrees, one in Financial Law from Goethe University of Frankfurt (Institute for Law and Finance) and the other in Public International Law with emphasis on International Economic Law from the London School of Economics.