The Board of Directors is responsible for taking decisions on all issues relating to the Company’s management, administration of its assets and achievement of its objectives in general, without any restriction (except for those issues which fall within the exclusive remit of the General Assembly) and for representing the Company both in and out of court.

The Company is run by a Board of Directors comprising seven (7) to eleven (11) members, elected by the General Assembly.

The term of the Board of Directors’ members, is determined each time by the General Assembly, commencing on the Election Day. The term may not exceed 6 years.


Nikolaos A. Bertsos
Nikolaos A. BertsosChairman, Non-Executive Member
Wade Burton
Wade BurtonVice-Chairman, Non-Executive Member
George Chryssikos
George ChryssikosCEO, Executive Member

Stavros Ioannou
Stavros IoannouΝon-Εxecutive Μember
George Bersis
George BersisNon-Executive Member
Jamie Lowry
Jamie LowryNon - Executive BoD member

George Katsibris
George KatsibrisIndependent Non-Executive Member
Georgios Papazoglou
Georgios PapazoglouIndependent Non-Executive Member
Ignace Charles Rotman
Ignace Charles RotmanIndependent Non-Executive Member

Takis Canellopoulos
Takis CanellopoulosIndependent Non-Executive Member
Dimitrios Papadopoulos
Dimitrios PapadopoulosIndependent Non-Executive Member