The Investor Relations Department ensures that correct, prompt and complete information is conveyed to the shareholders on a regular basis, providing them with all necessary clarifications and data on how to exercise their rights as shareholders in accordance with the law and Article of Association.

More specifically:

  • The Department ensures that information concerning the distribution of dividends, distribution, registration, waiver and conversion, the time period to exercise their rights, or changes to initial schedules, information about ordinary or Extraordinary General Assembly meetings and their decisions, acquisitions of own shares or their disposal or any cancellation thereof, is provided to all company shareholders promptly.
  • The Department also ensures that published company reports are sent in hard copy or electronic format to all interested parties.

Pursuant to the decision of the Company’s Board of Directors on 26.08.2013, Mr. Paris Varfis (tel. 2108129760 or 2108129600, has been appointed as the Company’s Investor Relations Officer.