The initiatives for 2015 focused on two crucial directions:
a) Education and
b) Society, through the support of sensitive social groups

Our actions for 2015, specifically:


Grivalia wishes to substantially support the educational process and the resources behind it.

• First Degree Education

Targeting the improvement of the daily operation of schools and support to the expansion of activities performed within the curriculum, Grivalia implemented initiatives to schools located in areas where the company has significant presence through its owned portfolio of assets.

2nd High School of Tavros

The Company equipped the school with a fully operational IT lab, consisting of 12 electronic computers, hardware, software, server and an air conditioning unit. Additionally, it provided the school with a multi function photocopy machine and an interactive board.

2nd Primary School of Tavros

The Company was responsible for the modernization of the auditorium of the school, which included full redevelopment of the stage and a variety of necessary technical and aesthetic improvements as well as provision of electronic and audio equipment. Additionally, it equipped the school with athletic and writing material.

6th High School of Maroussi

Grivalia was responsible for the upgrading of the audio equipment of the auditorium of the school, together with other improvements necessary for the auditorium’s upgrade. On top of the said works, the Company completed improvements in the school library and offered athletic equipment and a projector.

1st Special Primary School of Maroussi

The 1st Special Primary School of Maroussi cares for children of 5 – 14 years old, that are mentally challenged, autistic or with movement disabilities. The initiatives Grivalia implemented, involved works for the formation of the kitchen and the infirmary of the school according to specifications, to assist the students in their daily routine training at school and at home. The initiative also included installation of safety flooring in the external surrounding play area, installation of flooring in the music room and supply of writing material.

• Third Degree Education

With regard to third degree education, Grivalia aims at retaining students and future work force within local educational institutions and organizations and at creating opportunities for those who cannot keep up with the financial demands of attendance.

In co operation with local educational institutions, the Company offered 4 scholarships to under grad and post grad students. The selection of the students was based on family financial criteria, educational excellence and place of origin with priority to students coming from areas outside Athens.

University of Piraeus

Grivalia has been co-operating with the University of Piraeus for the past 6 years, by contributing in the financial support of students with potential. The 2015 scholarships covered the tuition of a post graduate degree student in full. There were also two scholarships for under graduate students of the Department of Banking and Financial Management.

National Technical University of Athens

Grivalia commenced co-operation with N.T.U.A. in 2015 and together they established the Grivalia Properties Scholarship, which was granted to two freshmen students of the Civil Engineer school.


GRIVALIA aims at financially strengthening weak social groups through partnerships with Non Profit Organizations that have proven to deliver vital social work with transparency and efficiency.

Doctors without Borders

Grivalia Properties & Doctors without Borders renewed their partnership in 2015 for the 6th consecutive year.


In 2015, Grivalia co-operated with Non Profit Organization “PRAKSIS” and together they created a program during which the Company took under its wing over 50 vulnerable families with under aged children as well as 30 lonely senior people, for a period of three months. The said program covered for feeding needs, medication, vaccination, housing rent and utilities subsidy. With regard to the senior people, Grivalia contributed in the acquisition of medication and provision of OTE alert equipment and service, to be used in case of emergency. Through this initiative, Grivalia was aiming at achieving a dignified daily routine for those in need.

Grivalia employees, highly aware of the needs imposed on the society by the financial conditions of the country, organized and carried out during November and December of 2015 together with PRAKSIS, three (3) voluntary actions. During these actions, medications were collected and gifts were bought for the senior people and the children of the families that Grivalia was supporting through the co-operation with PRAKSIS.