The Company’s investment strategy, aims at increasing its revenues and at an ongoing results growth, in order to create added value for its shareholders.

The company is seeking to achieve and maintain this long-term goal, through:

  • Regular and to the maximum possible extent more analytical follow up and monitoring of a) the macro-economic indicators and b) the trends of the economies of interest, as well as of their impact on the commercial property market
  • Active management of its portfolio of assets, in order to improve its composition and create added value. All existing portfolio upgrading & certification activities, fall within this context of active management
  • Continuous monitoring of the portfolio’s risk and the efficient management of this risk through diversification as to the type of asset, its location and its tenants

The basic parameters of investment decisions towards the acquisition of high profile commercial assets in the countries of interest are:

  • Fundamental investment principles realistically adjusted to economic and real estate market conditions
  • Attractive and to the best possible extent guaranteed rental returns
  • Local and international tenants of high profile and solvency
  • Clear indications pointing towards the creation of future added value through the acquisition of an asset
  • Protection of the rental returns from inflationary risks, through indexation