The Company’s mission is the creation of value for our shareholders, our staff and the society in which we operate.

This mission is accomplished through:

  • Targeted, long term investments corresponding to attractive and to the best possible extent guaranteed returns
  • Partnerships with high solvency tenants
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the indicators and trends of the economy and the markets of interest
  • Active management of its portfolio of assets, to maintain its optimum composition and create added value. Risk is monitored on an on-going basis and is efficiently managed through diversification
  • The initiatives that Grivalia is already implementing over two basic axis: a)the upgrading & certification of assets of the existing portfolio and the protection of the environment and b) social activities in response to the needs created by the economic conditions of recent years

Long term achievement of our mission is driven by the unique values that govern the Company and each and every one of us within Grivalia: transparency, innovation, professionalism, excellence.