Grivalia Properties Real Estate Investment Company,

  • operates in the fast-growing real estate investment industry, governed by a favourable tax regime
  • manages one of the most important commercial property portfolios in Greece and Eastern Europe
  • maintains long-term leases with corporate clients
  • is being managed by experienced and skilled executives with in-depth knowledge of the Greek and International property markets

The Company’s objective is its growth in the real estate market, with emphasis in office / retail / logistics and industrial sectors of the business, in highly commercial areas, provided that both the capital and the property market conditions permit it.

In October 2014, the Company was rebranded to Grivalia Properties from Eurobank Properties, signaling a new era with regard to its company identity. The new brand name reflects the three key Company components, with precision: Its Greek roots – GRivalia, its investment character – GrIvalia, its unique values – GriVALia.